Hiking in the Light’s $5 Christian Charity Club

Hiking in the Light’s $5 Christian Charity Club

I believe in voluntaryism and taking human action. One reason that I started this site was to improve the lives of others by sharing outdoor adventures, which improve mental health. As a Christian, I also believe in giving to those in need as I am able, both of my time and of my finances.

While I practice giving as part of an assembly of Christians, I also wanted to practice it as an individual, and thus have created Hiking in the Light’s $5 Charity Club. I’m hosting it on MeWe, which has neither ads nor content-delivery modification. (Ie., the group will not be monitored for quality by anyone outside of it, as happens on Facebook with algorithms designed by people who, if I’m being honest, share few of my ideals.)

A brief summary:

  • About:
    This is a group for helpers who want to make the world a better place by directly, voluntarily giving to those in need. We seek to show Christ in us to our generation through our generosity. This is no place for lurkers! If you’re here, you’re a helper—involvement increases investment!

    The Club doesn’t involve me taking anyone’s money, but is rather a place for like-minded voluntaryists to receive a weekly reminder that it is a blessing to be able to give, with the goal of giving $5 or more to at least one cause per month. The system we use is “honor,” though you may of course post about your giving, on the group’s page or on the page of the charity.
  • Who should join?
    Anyone who wants to give of their resources and can spare $5 a month. If you also like to encourage people to help others and like the outdoors, that’s a plus.
  • Rules:
  • This group exists to promote 1 weekly cause, for which all members will be encouraged to chip in at least $5. All members pledge to give to at least 1 of these causes per month, for at least $5. (Effectively a Subway sandwich on sale.)
  • Don’t piggyback links. Ie., we want to really focus on each cause so that we can charity-bomb that one in specific.
  • Please send additional causes via direct message/private message so that we don’t cause any confusion. We may sometimes vote on which causes to support.

If all of the admins are out hiking, we may miss a week but will make it up the following week, so that we have as many causes per year as there are weeks.

Anyway, even if the club is just me, it will keep my honest about how much good I’m doing voluntarily and on my own time.

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