Pressing on the upward way

Cloud Peak Wilderness

Big Horn Mountains

Explore the most scenery-per-mile in the United States.​

The Tetons & the Gros Ventre

Close to Jackson Hole

Hike through the incredibly popular Tetons or the unknown Gros Ventre​

The Wind River Range

North America's Finest

Wander in my personal stomping ground, home to my favorite trips ever.​

Other Travel

Fiji, Belize, St. Lucia, Idaho, etc.

Relax in lost hot springs in far flung mountains, raft whitewater in Fiji, and more.​

Humor and Life

My satire is bad; my life details are worse. Still, people laugh at both, so join in the party. Everyone's invited.

Science and Philosophy

Thinking about thinking is important. How do our minds interface with the world? What can we do to avoid making errors? Does morality exist?   


Without spirit, nothing matters. But if you have free will, it makes all the difference in the world.

Symbology Key:

  • Green: Day hikes, but can be done overnight.
  • Yellow: Typically 2-3 night hikes.
  • Red:  Longer hikes, typically 4+ nights.
  • Purple: International trips, villas, and excursions.
  • Blue: Camping combined with something else, typically kayaking.

Note: Significant zooming is required to see all activities. Some trailheads have 5+ hikes, which do not show at default zoom levels.

Navy Secretary Fires Entire Crew of USS Roosevelt for Cheering CPT Crozier

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Courage, integrity, and taking care of each other, those are values that must come last in our nation’s fighting forces. Well, actually, speaking truth to power comes dead last, which this was. So obviously, we’ve dishonorably discharged all of those enlisted mongrels. Their free healthcare is obviously immediately terminated, too,” Modly said.

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Regrets, Tears, and Sadness

Reading Time: < 1 minute There are so many regrets that I have, and so many wrongs that I wish that I could undo, but I can’t.  And today I got a notification on Facebook: she’s having her birthday in 4 days!  But she passed away just recently. I cared for her a lot, and

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love on the beach oxytocin overlay banner chemical structure of love

Dr. Love-is-a-Superstition or: There is No Such Thing as You

Reading Time: 3 minutes They don’t believe that there is an immaterial soul which exercises causal power on material reality. All that you are, therefore, is your body (including your brain). Since the brain, as a physical object, follows the laws of physics and chemistry, then your thoughts/decisions must also follow the laws of physics and chemistry.

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Beginner's Backpacking Guide

All the information in the world to get you started.

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