Welcome! Or as they’d say in Fiji with incredible warmth, “Bula!”

The subtitle of my site pays homage to a song that I like, but I might change it. I’ve decided to make this site for a number of reasons, which are enumerated below. Expressly, I want to:

  • 1.) Catalog my memories.
  • 2.) Share my love of the outdoors with others, and perhaps encourage them to get outside.
  • 3.) Enhance people’s mental health through the outdoors.*
  • 4.) Provide trip reports for off-trail excursions that people may be considering, but have little insight in to, as well as reports of adventures on-trail and abroad.
  • 5.) Express my evolving thoughts on studies on God, metaphysics, and science…plus something that I call humor.
  • 6.) Have fun.
  • 7.) Serve you in bettering yourself and having a more joyful existence.

I hope that I can live up to my name in all aspects and perhaps be a bringer of a little bit of light to your life, at least insofar as it’s at all possible in one, small, remote corner of the internet.

Blue skies, and with love, always!

-Lucas Necessary

* reference the following study: http://www.pnas.org/content/112/28/8567

Feel free to contact me!

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