Pressing on the Upward Way

Pressing on the Upward Way

Welcome! Or as they’d say in Fiji with incredible warmth, “Bula!” How in the world did you find this website? Really! You must be quite good at sleuthing, since it’s not SEOed to any degree, doesn’t have ads, and isn’t advertised…oh, and it’s de-ranked on all the big social sites due to the extremists content. (So use caution!) Well regardless, I welcome you here and am glad you’re stopping by.

The subtitle of my site pays homage to an old hymn that I like. When I’m hiking, I love pressing on the upward way, gaining new heights, and being thankful. Sometimes I don’t like the “gaining new heights” part, at least not during the actual gaining, but that’s largely a function of how much I’m carrying on my back.

I’ve decided to make this site for a number of reasons, which are enumerated below. I believe in voluntaryism and taking human action, and one human action I wanted to take was making a website. With this website, it is my desire to:

  • 1.) Catalog my memories. It’s a digital scrapbook.
  • 2.) Share my love of the outdoors with others, and perhaps encourage them to get outside more.
  • 3.) Enhance people’s mental health through the outdoors, as I write about in, The Land of Steadfast Habits.*
  • 4.) Provide trip reports for off-trail excursions that people may be considering, but have little insight in to, as well as reports of adventures on-trail and abroad.
  • 5.) Express my evolving thoughts on studies on God, metaphysics, and science—plus something that I call humor.
  • 6.) Serve you in bettering yourself and having a more joyful existence.

I hope that I can live up to my name in all aspects and perhaps be a bringer of a little bit of light to your life, at least insofar as it’s at all possible in one, small, remote corner of the internet.

Blue skies, and with love, always!

-Lucas Necessary

* reference the following study:

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