Rockhounding Locations in WY, MT; UT. (Rough Draft)

Rockhounding Locations in WY, MT; UT. (Rough Draft)

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Bula, y’all! This will be updated to be pleasant to read as I have time. I’ll include pictures of specimens and also maps. Until then, follow the links. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

1.) Fossilized leaves near Miles City, MT:
Beautiful, dainty leaves in red stone.

2.) Belemnites and other fossils near Bridger, MT:
Note: stramatolities can be found in some washes at the base of the Pryors nearby.

3.) Fossils in Sanders County, MT:
Wolsey Shale yields abundant articulated trilobites (Albertella helena, Kochina gordonensis, Strotocephalus gordonensis, Ptarmigania gordonensis, and Vanuxemella contracta), as well as brachiopods (Acrothele colleni and Micromitra scuptilis) and hyoliths (Hyolithus convexus).

This paper has an alternate location along the logging road. I recommend walk-in access via the Radio Creek Road starting at a pullout located here. Of special note, a very interesting surge-flow outlet for a creek is found in the “V” section of the road by the pullout. The clamber down through the woods and thicket is well worth the spectacular site of the mountainous, artesian well.

4.) Winton petrified wood near Rock Springs, WY:
Go north on 191, take a right on the dirt road (GPS should lead you there), continue on dirt road until you see a sign that is marked for Winton and Superior. Make a right on it. After a little bit it will split; right goes to Superior, and left goes to Winton. Continue on the main path to Winton, Follow it. It will turn slightly left for a short, steep incline. At the top of this small incline, make a right. Follow the road a short distance until it splits; stop at the fork and walk up the washed out left road for a few hundred feet. In the charred areas with coal you’ll fine petrified wood. In fact, everywhere in the blackened areas has petrified wood on both sides of the draw.

5.) Sharktooth Ridge teeth and trace fossils near Rawlins, WY:
Follow the dirt roads toward and past the water tower on the ridge. Fossils in the escarpment.

6.) Interesting sedimentary features near Adobe Town, WY:
Objective is to get to Road 4412. Do NOT attempt unless dry. High-clearance only.

7.) Fossil Mountain & Darby Wind Cave near Jackson, WY:
See my hikes in to this area in the early spring, middle-summer, and late summer.

8.) Red Gulch Dino Track Site near Shell, WY:
Plus, it’s a very beautiful area.

9.) Moonshine Arch near Vernal, UT along with a dinosaur track site at Red Fleet: Public access with nice walk in. Lots of sand. Also lots of buzzworms. Use caution.

10.) Blue forest petrified wood near Granger, WY:
Be prepared to do a ton of digging.

11.) Fish fossils and some shark teeth near Farson, WY:
Just click on the link. 🙂

12.) Labradorite near Laramie, WY:
Proceed up canyon dirt road (12) until you reach the top plateau and it is flat. Rocks there have a different variety of lab than down below. Various outcrops along the road contain specimens. In order to really find the good stuff in the main area, go on sunny day with a spray bottle, a rock hammer, chisel, and a 4-lb/10-lb sledge hammer. If you have a public-lands GPS map, you can proceed up the Plumbago Canyon road to the top, where people don’t go, and find some nice specimens lying on the roadside. The ranchers might harass you, but I just harass them back, since it’s public. I find the watermelon stone about halfway up the canyon.

Note: magnetite is also present.

13.) Agatized fossil shells near Rock Springs, WY:
Public access.

I’ll be adding to this in the coming years. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section below. (Or if you have any suggestions.)

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