Pressing on the upward way

Cloud Peak Wilderness

Big Horn Mountains

Explore the most scenery-per-mile in the United States.​

The Tetons & the Gros Ventre

Close to Jackson Hole

Hike through the incredibly popular Tetons or the unknown Gros Ventre​

The Wind River Range

North America's Finest

Wander in my personal stomping ground, home to my favorite trips ever.​

Other Travel

Fiji, Belize, St. Lucia, Idaho, etc.

Relax in lost hot springs in far flung mountains, raft whitewater in Fiji, and more.​

Humor and Life

My satire is bad; my life details are worse. Still, people laugh at both, so join in the party. Everyone's invited.

Science and Philosophy

Thinking about thinking is important. How do our minds interface with the world? What can we do to avoid making errors? Does morality exist?   


Without spirit, nothing matters. But if you have free will, it makes all the difference in the world.


  • Green: Day hikes, but can be done overnight.
  • Yellow: Typically 2-3 night hikes.
  • Red Longer hikes, typically 4+ nights.
  • Purple: Camping spots, hotels, villas, and excursions.
  • Blue: Camping combined with something else, typically kayaking.


  • I’m transcribing my reviews in my own order, but if you’d like any moved to the top of the list, just shoot me a message.


  • Significant zooming is required to see all activities. Some trailheads have 5+ hikes, which do not show at default zoom levels.

The Academy’s Purpose for Drag Queen Story Hour

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Drag artists have channeled their penchant for playfully “‘reading each other to filth” into different forms of literacy, promoting storytelling as integral to queer and trans communities, as well as positioning queer and trans cultural forms as valuable components of early childhood education.”

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horror of modern man is this

Behold America, Lying Horribly Before Us

Reading Time: 4 minutes Americans exist in a nation of failed families. A nation which sacrifices the unborn for convenience. It’s a nation of shattered homes, and of nuclear families ripped asunder, where they even existed in the first place. A nation where commitment and lifelong together-goals are scorned and derided as superstitious relics of a bygone era.

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The Obligation of Man

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stewardship is huge these days. From environmentalism to welfare, we’re bombarded with the message that we, as the virtuous people we know ourselves to be, need to focus on saving things: democracy, the planet; feelings. Companies accept diktats under the acronym “ESG,” standing for “environmental, social, and corporate governance.” You’ve got to keep that ESG score up, so accept the messaging you’re given and promulgate it. Yet often what we

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OnlyScams: Accretion of Knowledge

Reading Time: 2 minutes An old coworker once told me that he was spending a good deal of money on a website where he could subscribe to a certain girl and watch her perform sexual acts and apparently also work on cars while naked. It was easy for me to list off the reasons I didn’t think this was healthy, moral, or financially prudent (and sure enough, his marriage fell apart). I think that

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Roller Coasters and Life

Reading Time: < 1 minute I love roller coasters and have a particular fondness for ones made by the Swiss company Bolliger & Mabillard. Through the ups and downs of the run, I’m able to have fun because much thought went into the design, and I know I’m going to be safe in the end. The ups and downs of life are also much easier for me knowing that I’m following a design made by

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President Biden in Rose Garden with Ice Cream

Biden: People Will Regret Abortion Ban When Their Babies Starve to Death

Reading Time: < 1 minute “Look here, I don’t work for you. My family doesn’t work for you. When I swept into office, I came in to sell your children’s organs to zoos for meat, and now I’m go into people’s 401Ks at night and wrecking up the place, and there won’t be baby formula for years—arrroooo,” Biden howled. “I’d abort that baby while it still has some meat on its bones if I were you. Thank you all for being here, and may God bless you.”

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