Pressing on the upward way

Cloud Peak Wilderness

Big Horn Mountains

Explore the most scenery-per-mile in the United States.​

The Tetons & the Gros Ventre

Close to Jackson Hole

Hike through the incredibly popular Tetons or the unknown Gros Ventre​

The Wind River Range

North America's Finest

Wander in my personal stomping ground, home to my favorite trips ever.​

Other Travel

Fiji, Belize, St. Lucia, Idaho, etc.

Relax in lost hot springs in far flung mountains, raft whitewater in Fiji, and more.​

Humor and Life

My satire is bad; my life details are worse. Still, people laugh at both, so join in the party. Everyone's invited.

Science and Philosophy

Thinking about thinking is important. How do our minds interface with the world? What can we do to avoid making errors? Does morality exist?   


Without spirit, nothing matters. But if you have free will, it makes all the difference in the world.


  • Green: Day hikes, but can be done overnight.
  • Yellow: Typically 2-3 night hikes.
  • Red Longer hikes, typically 4+ nights.
  • Purple: Camping spots, hotels, villas, and excursions.
  • Blue: Camping combined with something else, typically kayaking.


  • I’m transcribing my reviews in my own order, but if you’d like any moved to the top of the list, just shoot me a message.


  • Significant zooming is required to see all activities. Some trailheads have 5+ hikes, which do not show at default zoom levels.

Social Contagions, Big Tech, & Corrective Action

Reading Time: 3 minutes Big tech suppresses certain ideas through social mechanisms and disallowing certain interactions. You’ve seen the playbook, which includes things like removing dislikes from ideas they support, prohibiting sharing of certain information entirely, banning heterodox thinkers who seem most open and might attract others, posting “fact-checks” which are factual though not truthful (and in some cases which are purely fallacious), and promoting certain concepts while disallowing others. 

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Mayor Pete Amazon Special

Amazon’s Buttigieg Special to Feature Loving Look at How He Spent His 2-Month Vacation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Though lambasted by far-right extremists, Mayor Pete spent most of his vacation in Acapulco, his shirt off, lovingly nursing his brand new margarita the first hour, and then several hundred thereafter. Acapulco was a great place to relax, since it was one of the few places not dealing with a supply-chain crisis, because it wasn’t in America where the person responsible for such things was absent and on vacation.

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Raising a Daughter in a Bizarre World

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thanks to the events of the recent past, many people have been putting a huge emphasis on avoiding people who seem ill. They want to avoid contagion, so unless they’re healthcare workers, they don’t spend all day around sick people.

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Partial Transcript of Dr. Robert Malone with Jimmy Dore on Mass mRNA Vaccination

Reading Time: 5 minutes My friend [redacted] told me that things might be better if we societally-engineered everyone into getting vaccinated with our current vaccines. I told him that I owed him a longer response, but I didn’t have much time back then. I will submit this (hand-done, by me) transcription of a sliver of a speech for his consideration; I chose this because it was aimed at laypeople. Whether or not he finds it persuasive is beside the point; I owed him the explanation of why I held such opinions.

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Beginner's Backpacking Guide

All the information in the world to get you started.

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