About the Author—Hey, That’s Me!

About the Author—Hey, That’s Me!

My dad, me, and Coco, one of our llamas.

Nice to meet you! I’m Lucas. I was born in Atlanta but grew up in the far reaches of the Montanan Rockies, about a mile from the rez, but dang far from civilization. We had no running water or electricity, no paved roads, and no neighbors, though some Indians (they resented being called Native Americans) across the mountain had a sweat lodge, and there were many nights when I could fall asleep under the stars to the distant sound of their drums, and the wind rushing through the spruce trees along the high ridges. Our little county was about 120 miles long and 60 miles wide, had no stop lights, and under 10,000 people.  In this environment I came to love the mountains. 

After high school, I worked in emergency medical services, the oilfield, the mines, for BNSF as a conductor, as a sergeant in the military, and eventually as an air traffic controller, where I managed airspace in Florida, Jackson Hole, and numerous other locales. For a long time, I was a government service employee for the Department of Defense, but for the past couple of years, I have been contracting around the world as an intermittent expatriate. I hope to settle down in the next 18 months. (Updated Mar 2020)

On this site, I want to encourage others to see the beauty of God’s creation. I hope that I can help others become better people, as they help me, and God helps me. 

“He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know Me?” declares YHWH.” 

In Christian love, always.


Want to know more about me?

Here’s how I’m handling quarantine—stuck on a communist isle! Note: I’m getting in shape, so don’t click if pics of that offends you! (It offends even me!)

Here are some of my past struggles.

And here’s what I do for fun!

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