Christians: Netflix and Your Children

Christians: Netflix and Your Children

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Update: Netflix is putting out new offerings.

We should be nice to everyone, treating them with gentleness and respect, PERIOD. However, we also need to stand firm against moral decay. Netflix recently posted this thread about the damage of misgendering pre-pubescent kids:

That should have you very worried. Children do not have brains that are even nearly fully-developed. To be transitioning them at all is a horror of modern man.

So why is Netflix doing this? Who is Rose, who wrote this thread? Who is providing the writing at Netflix, and accessing the minds of millions? Here’s the answer:

This Netflix writer is fine with going into women’s restrooms to make the women feel unsafe. On the other hand, Rose certainly hates JK Rowling, who recently posted that women need spaces where only women can be—that is, not men, since women who have been sexually assaulted sometimes need areas where they can be away from the same body structures that raped them.

But don’t worry, there’s no pedophilia going on here. No society-destroying fetishes being pumped onto the internet and into one’s streaming service. Nope. What we have instead is inclusivity.

I wrote Netflix and told them that children aren’t their medical experiments, and I cited a number of studies on this mind-garbage. They never wrote back.

And I’ll never subscribe to them again.

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