I’m Going to Die

I’m Going to Die

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“Oh wow! You’re here. You made it.”

“To what?”

“The ending. It’s here.” 

I’ve seen many people die, and watched them as they ran headlong into inevitability. It awaits me, too. The brief “is” becomes the endless “was.”   And in the end, we all have integrity, or we have despair. But we all have a day in front of us where we see if this amazing aspect—consciousness—which seems to stand metaphysically superior to mere matter…will actually continue on.

You’ve heard someone say, “He’s got a fighting spirit.” Or perhaps, “I’m so glad that I have free will.”  In the end, we will all see whether or not we do have a part of us which actually is superior to matter. We will see if we do have free will. Or we will simply vanish like mist, being ultimately meaninglessness. The horror of modern man: if he ends in nothing, he is nothing. 

As for me, I have great expectations and anticipation of what’s to come. There is a hope within me. 

With love, always,

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