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Have you seen a meme like this before? I see people posting ones like it, and information like it, quite often. Is it fake news?  Let’s look at just these three, and in fact, not all of the points they make, because to be honest, that’s not a good use of time. Note: Jesus was never said to have been born on 25th December in any part of early Christianity or the Bible, so I’m not going to address that, as it’s irrelevant. 

1.) Horus. 
—Was ol’ Horus born of a virgin? No. Horus was conceived when Isis had sex with Osiris. Osiris’ body parts have been scattered all over the land, and Isis put them all back together and managed to have sex with the construct. Creepily enough, she does this while in the form of a bird, so it’s interspecies sex with a reanimated-ish corpse. 

—Did Horus have 12 disciples? No, try like 4. 

—Was Horus dead and resurrected after 3 days? No. There is no record of Horus even “dying,” unless you count him merging with another God and then becoming cyclical. 

2.) Dionysus. 
—Was ol’ Dionysus born of a virgin? No, unless you count Zeus impregnating his mom as “being born of a virgin.”

—Was Dionysus resurrected like Jesus? No, he was, in most stories, torn apart and eaten by Titans. He is said to be “a god who renews himself and returns every year rejuvenated,” whatever that means. So not exactly much like Jesus. 

3.) Mithra. 
—Did Mithra have 12 disciples? Depending on legend, it’s either one or two. So that’s a no.

—Was Mithra born of a virgin? Mithra was born from solid rock. Are rocks virgins? Not in the traditional sense, and it probably is best to avoid trying to take one’s virginity. 

—Did Mithra die on the cross only to later be resurrected? Given that Mithra is nowhere said to have died, that seems unlikely. 

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