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Argo is a 2012  sci-fi-suspense-drama-history-Tehran-1979-crisis movie featuring Keanu Reeves, John Goodman, and Kerry Bishé with red hair. The red hair makes Kerry incredibly beautiful, which she is not as a blond. Although it does not feature Jean Luc Picard, it does take place in the Star Trek universe.

Argo features Keanu Reeves impersonating Ben Affleck by wearing his skin, but the ruse is up when we see that his facial expressions consists of merely one, which is apathy not to the point of nihilism. 

The film focuses around 6 Americans who impersonate Canadians so well that they are able to move into the Canadian Prime Mountie’s house after escaping the American embassy, which is under siege by Iranians who are upset about a man receiving chemotherapy, which is forbidden under Shiite and Sunni laws. 

Keanu Reeves is sent in to rescue them from the Matrix by cleverly wearing a beard so well that he appears to be either a Jew or Muslim, neither of which enjoy our porcine friends. The film makes poor use of incinerators, but has excellent visuals of Tehran, older 747s, and Kerry Bishé.  It maintains a good sense of tension by only showing pigs’ blood at inappropriate moments. Because of budget limitations, entire sections in Farsi were unable to be translated, but the natives appeared to be excitable. 

As Argo is about an interesting topic and is Keanu Reeve’s best acting to date, plus has stunning visuals and John Goodman, I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend you see it.

Because Argo.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 stars)


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