We Were an Effective Team

We Were an Effective Team

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There is a day coming for us all when our hearts cease to beat; the life will fade from our eyes, and our cells will begin a cascade of self-destruction into oblivion. 

And with that, what was once “us” becomes a memory of the past; the dying breath of summer as fall sets in in anticipation of an eternal winter. In the blink of an eye, our vibrancy is forgotten, and people trod on ground with our vanishing bones below, neither knowing nor caring about memories that have long since ceased. 

I shudder to consider undertaking a lifelong goal while starting out with the knowledge that my team would be ineffective in its mission. 

Yet in looking toward marriage, these are necessary thoughts. I’ve met many people who I had some infatuation for, yet zero spiritually-aligned goals; we had no purpose of mission.  I must not confuse infatuation and affection with effectiveness. Infatuation and affection mean that you like something for a time; being effective means that you make a lasting difference. 

In heaven, humanity will be like angels, neither marrying nor being married. (Matthew 22)  This does not mean, however, that a couple who enjoyed marriage on earth and worked hard as a team for their Life-Giver will not be able to say with great humility and joy,

“We were an effective team.” 

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