Welcome Vicca Ariadne Necessary

Welcome Vicca Ariadne Necessary

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My baby daughter was brought into this world on December 19th, 2023. It’s been a busy time for us! We chose her name to be derivative of Latin “victoriam” and archaic Greek “ari” (prefix, very/most) plus archaic Cretan Greek “ágnos,” related to the Greek hagios (same as in the Bible), meaning “holy.” We also liked that Vica/Vika (eastern European and Hungarian/Hebrew derivation meaning “life”) also works well if people misspell it.

In any case, our victory most holy arrived in the world via a terrible C-section, but boy she is a blessing, and quite a bit of fun as well. Below are some pictures of our sweet child. She’ll be skiing in 2026. 🙂

I hope that I can be an excellent father to this amazing creation. From what we can tell, she’s a pinkie like me, though she has Asian eyes, and dark hair like her mom. Beautiful! Hope she doesn’t get my troll features.

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