Avoiding Relationships Designed to Make You Jealous

Avoiding Relationships Designed to Make You Jealous

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In relationships, God warns against jealousy and selfish ambition. One early warning sign that something is sick in a relationship is if jealousy exists, and especially if it is purposefully precipitated.

Watch out for those who seek to make you jealous while courting. It’ll often take a very subtle form…maybe a subtle comment on a picture of someone of the opposite sex on facebook, maybe mentions of how pleasing past love interests were and how it’s hard to find someone of their caliber. It’ll often be plausibly deniable, and you might even doubt yourself—surely someone you have feelings for wouldn’t make you feel insecure, right?

Avoid that. Ask yourself: do you feel like you have to be a detective to figure out if you’re really the one your romantic interest is truly interested in? If you do, and if there is any jealousy, the relationship is sick, and is not yet solid ground to build a marriage on.

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