I Have the Best Mother, and I Can Prove It

I Have the Best Mother, and I Can Prove It

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When I talk to my friends, we often talk about our families. Our discussions sometimes turn to our parents, and when between two close friends, the truths that come out are interesting. 

Sometimes my friends have regrets about their own actions. They also ruminate on the foibles of their parents. “Well, you know, my dad has this habit,” or, “My mom was great, but I learned that (X thing) is something I need to avoid for my own kids.”

I’m pretty blessed. When I consider my mother, I can’t identify any disappointment at all. Maybe I’m dumb or blind, but I doubt it—selfishness has the keenest of eyes—and she’s someone that I want to emulate. 

I don’t know if I’ll ever be blessed with kids, or even a wife. If I am, I hope that I can use the values she taught me, and I hope that my wife will be as tenacious and intrepid as her. I also hope that she’ll lose when playing Terraforming Mars. 😉 Actually, with more playthroughs, I don’t like the progress I’m seeing, so I’ll have to modify that. 

Love you, mom!

One thought on “I Have the Best Mother, and I Can Prove It

  1. Well, “nothing to complain about” is pretty high praise(haha)! I love you! You make being a mom easy, fun, and interesting! Thank you!

    *Note to all of you single, Christian ladies out there. They say you can tell how a man will treat his wife by how he treats his mother. Well it that’s the case, you will be blessed indeed with this one! He’s very entertaining too.

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