Minneapolis Opens World’s Largest Outdoor Shooting Range

Minneapolis Opens World’s Largest Outdoor Shooting Range

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To increase tourism in these trying times, Minneapolis is opening what it’s billing as “the world’s largest outdoor shooting range.”

The range will allow live ammunition and features open-air targeting areas, as well as buildings which people can use much in the same was as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. There’s no official code of conduct for using any of the buildings, but the city council says it works best if you don’t burn them down while you’re still inside. “Vacate, then incinerate,” is the catchphrase that they’re using.

Mayor Jacob Frey says that the shooting range is being opened so that no one will ever forget the horrific injustice that happened to George Floyd.

“No one could imagine that horror,” he remarked as bullets whizzed past his head and a building caught on fire from a Molotov cocktail, while dogs formed into packs in the street. “Well now they can.”

Unrelated to the unveiling, the city has also decided to abolish the entire police force.

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