Review: Teton Valley Cabins and Neon Steve

Review: Teton Valley Cabins and Neon Steve

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This is a very short review.

The Teton Valley Cabins are located in Driggs, Idaho, and are one of the best values in the area. Yue asked me to spend a weekend with her, hiking and soaking in the oversized hot-tub in an enclosed gazebo at the Teton Valley Cabins. An EDM party with Neon Steve was showing at the Knotty Pine in Victor, so we could attend that and then go hot tubbing and hiking later on.

Right before I left, Yue asked if Beatriz could stay with us, since it would be late. Heck yes she could! We could all go hiking the next day.

Yurena got sick and our plans changed, so I ended up having the cabin to myself after the first night. They’re incredibly quaint, isolated from one another (so you can have the TV loud if you want), and have a box fan in case you want white noise. During winter stays they’re just exceptional because they get nice and toasty inside, too!

The beds were soft, the TV fine (I used my own HDMI so we could watch a movie the first night), and the place was spotless. Truly a great place to stay.

It snowed the next day so I couldn’t go hiking. I also ended up with too much food. I didn’t hike, but I did work on some tasks that I needed to finish, watched some movies, and canceled a date. I have to say, I really enjoyed the very cozy cabin and the hot tub.

These cabins offer a fantastic value for the area. I’ll stay in them again, and hopefully I’ll once again be the only person in the tub-gazebo the whole time.

I rate the cabins…

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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