Review: Teton Valley Cabins and Neon Steve

Review: Teton Valley Cabins and Neon Steve

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This is a very short review.

The Teton Valley Cabins are located in Driggs, Idaho, and are one of the best values in the area. Yue asked me to spend a weekend with her, hiking and soaking in the oversized hot-tub in an enclosed gazebo at the Teton Valley Cabins. And EDM party with Neon Steve was showing at the Knotty Pine in Victor, so we could attend that and then go hot tubbing and hiking later on.

Right before I left, Yue asked if Beatriz could stay with us, since it would be late. Heck yes she could! We could all go hiking the next day.

I don’t know what happened. Well, I know what happened, since I was there, but I don’t know why what happened happened, if that makes sense. Beatriz and Yue and a spontaneous falling out after Neon Steve (I was very tired and felt bad due, possible, to having gotten all my overseas shots at one time the same day), and Beatriz left the cabin as soon as we got in for the night, though I told her to stay.

Yue went and got in their bed and went immediately to sleep. When I woke up early in the morning, she said that she felt bad and wanted a friend to take her home, so I drove her to a gas station and she vanished.

It was the worst experience of my life, since it left me very confused about…the sudden split. I was reminded of not understanding why my ex-fiance suddenly quit liking me. Anyway, I haven’t seen either of them since, so it was a terrible, terrible way to go, since I really, truly love Yue in my heart of hearts, and hate when friendships go to pot.

It snowed the next day, and I was left footing the bill, and with too much food. I didn’t hike, as I was super depressed, but I did enjoy the very cozy cabin and the hot tub. I could have gone home, but it was very expensive, so why be miserable somewhere else?

The cabins are incredibly cute, cozy, clean, and offer a fantastic value. I was the only person in the tub gazebo the whole time.

I rate the cabins…

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I lost the most valuable thing to ever exist in my life that weekend, a mistake that I will never make again, if I can help it. Too little, too late. But immediately after Yue left, I realized that my failures are mine alone, and I will not live my life of failure anymore.

I plan to be married in 2021. I hope that I can find a good, Christian woman. A high bar has been set, and part of me fears that I shan’t find anyone to clear it.

I have changed radically since then, and am no longer what I once was. I pray that God continues to push me to be the leader that I can be, so that I can be the world’s best husband and father.

Let me know if I can serve you!

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