Site Update: Proofreading and More

Site Update: Proofreading and More

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All of these posts save one have been bashed together on zero sleep while living in various foreign countries. Good news: I hired a proofreader, because I know they’re hot garbage. That’ll take a bit, but it will get done.

I am also going through and adding details to all of my trip reports—things that I had in my notes which were of value, but which I didn’t have time to throw in. Beyond this, I’ll finally be giving details of every single picture.

When will new reports start going up? Most likely in about a month or so. I collected an entire panoply of excuses to not post many of the missing ones, but they’re going to start hitting soon. I will also, by request, be reviewing various trail foods.

As for me, I’m currently—you guessed it—switching countries again. In between, I’ll be trying to try (been awake 37 of the last 42 hours) 7 hot springs in 7 days in the Rockies. Wish me luck.

As always, Jesus loves you, but so do I!

Thanks, and please feel free to continue sending requests, criticisms, and spam.

PS—No, this was not proofread.

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