Stuck on a Communist Isle

Stuck on a Communist Isle

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30 MAR 20

Before and after pictures of my progress. (Hidden by default in case you don’t want to see.)

I was supposed to be on vacation now, and I’d hoped to see a really great woman, but that opportunity has passed due to COVID-19; I’m stuck overseas indefinitely. I’m not very social, so it’s not a major life difference for me, but I have been trying to get more in shape. I’m starting to get some definition now, as well as a little musculature. I’ve found that creatine makes me barf and whey is even worse, and as a natural ectomorph, this is all to my detriment.

Working out is all for my own benefit, since I don’t have any females to impress here, not that a (relatively, compared to everyone else around me) scrawny, super-white dude with a baby-face is impressive. Still, it helps me feel a little better about myself to take a picture and look…well, I guess just more physically healthy.

I’ve been redeeming the time by meditating on spiritual thoughts and to improve my spiritual and emotional core, too. At least for me, though, the former doesn’t naturally enhance the latter. I typically am more productive and helpful to others when I’m horribly depressed. Go figure.

Of course, I also spend time swimming. In this video, the winds were sustained 20+kts, so the water was murky as all get out. Gosh I hope a shark doesn’t chomp me!

I’m off facebook and other social media for a bit as I try to enhance my productivity. I hope to heck that my new computer gets in soon enough; my laptop is a real dog these days.

I’d also love to get some Skype/video Bible fellowship going again, so I guess I should be back on facebook.

Hoping that you and yours are well emotionally, financially, spiritually, and physically.

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