The Unstoppable Freight Train of Sin

The Unstoppable Freight Train of Sin

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When people gamble, they often mistakenly think that placing another bet gives them better odds of winning—and soon they’ve spent it all. That’s not how odds actually work, though. They reset with every bet. 1-out-of-25,000 is the same on the first bet as bet 25,000.

Sin sometimes does something similar. If a man has a very particular struggle that he has struggled with, he often feels that, having done X sin 25,000 times, his odds are very high that he’ll not be able to overcome it the next day. It seems like a freight train that has gathered speed and can’t be stopped. 

My friend Dale once noted, “I’ve found that, when people are having troubles with personal problems, often the best solution is to start serving others.”  When sin wants to overcome you, remember to say to yourself, “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me,” then act on it. Find someone to help, and in doing so, help yourself. 

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