Absent-minded Veteran Forgets To Change Profile Pic To Military Uniform

Absent-minded Veteran Forgets To Change Profile Pic To Military Uniform

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Cheyenne, WY—John McKaye forgot for the second year in a row to change his profile picture on Veteran’s Day, and now he’s not getting the recognition that he deserves. After loading up on free food from Texas Roadhouse, Applebee’s, Olive Garden, and Mr. Jim’s, McKaye arrived home and felt somehow still empty, in much the same way that most Guardsmen’s uniforms don’t look.

“Noooooooooooooooooo honey,” he cried to his wife. “I forgot to change my profile picture to my military camo!”

McKaye rushed to his laptop and quickly found the best picture he had from his time bravely serving in the Wyoming Air National Guard, hastily uploading and typing in, #HappyVeteransDay #BlessToHaveServed.

Sadly, it was already past 10PM. All the time he’d spent on drill weekends selflessly hiding in the unit warehouse to avoid pointless all-calls was once again going to go unnoticed. An entire 6 years spent reaching E-5, donating 2 weeks solid per year (minus excused absences and travel days) to ATs alone was going to be unacknowledged. The time he’d spent learning about the Wing’s sexual assaults and scandals—a considerable amount, hooooooo boy, go Guard—would be as nothing to the civvies he was friends with.

McCaye slumped back in his chair.

“Babe, next year I’m going to follow the 153d Airlift Wing’s saying: max effort! No more being lazy. I need this recognition. I worked for it. I deserve it.”

His wife smiled at him. He was a lovely man who had learned much from the Guard, like how to not even say the full word, “maximum,” when saying, “max effort.”

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