Social Contagions, Big Tech, & Corrective Action

Social Contagions, Big Tech, & Corrective Action

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Big tech suppresses certain ideas through social mechanisms and disallowing certain interactions. You’ve seen the playbook, which includes things like removing dislikes from ideas they support, prohibiting sharing of certain information entirely, banning heterodox thinkers who seem most open and might attract others, posting “fact-checks” which are factual though not truthful (and in some cases which are purely fallacious), and promoting certain concepts while disallowing others. 

By using these tools, people who resist feel isolated, in more of a minority than they actually are, and discredited. Some find themselves financially ruined for taking  stand, making others who agree even less likely to speak up. In institutions which provide enforcement, you’ll see those who are honorable making an exodus so that they don’t have to act on behalf of evil, leaving the organization even more evil than before. It’s all an acceleratory constellation of mechanisms.

And it’s important for Christians to understand. 

A recent study found that 39% of youth identify as LGBTQI2S+ (which, with the “+” representing things not included in the other letters, could just be reduced to “L+), and just under 30% of young Christians do, too. Here’s a link to the fully study. The dominant cultural force is to be found here, despite cries that it’s otherwise. From Twix to Doritos to the White House, the diversity, inclusivity, and equity (DIE) religion is everywhere, non-stop. And despite the fact that it’s fashionable these days, it’s still a destructive rot that leads to heightened suicide rates and depression among those seized by it.

Scientific analysis of the L+ movement has revealed that it operates primarily through the idea suppression and enhancement mechanisms above, and is what can be classified as a social contagion; a type of neuroparasitism that spreads among peer groups. (Link to previous posts on this here and here.)

Because the mechanisms of spread are reinforced structurally throughout society, and because even atheists understand that these are idea pathogens (Link to book on this, The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas are Killing Common Sense by Dr. Gad Saad) which can take over entire societies, it’s important to understand our Christian role in combating them. 

In his second letter to Timothy, Paul told him, “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.” Christians are often derided as being vicious and savage, but from what I have seen, we mostly go along to get along and do very little to tamp down social contagions, even with our own children. Going further, we often entrust their care to the neuroparasitized (exactly those who we should be helping), and then witness them fall ill, too. 

In my opinion, while we often deride Big Tech and collectivists, what we are seeing is important. Over and over God tells us, “do not be deceived,” yet it seems that we are often taken by surprise at the things we’re witnessing, feeling powerless to stop them. We’re not. We just need to take action, be strong and courageous, and to also be waive, rather than naïve. And along with that, we really need to treat our children as being more important than we currently do, lest they be destroyed by a culture of degeneracy. 

We need to focus on being bold, creating culture; on correcting, rebuking, and encouraging. Going along to get along must be steadfastly rejected. 

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