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Ruther Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish was that her seat on the Supreme Court not be filled until after the presidential election in November or 2024, depending on results. While hearing her dying wish frustrated Deplorables, Democrats have been quick to point out that a Supreme Court seat is an inheritance, not a nomination.

“These are lifetime appoints and even heirlooms, good morning, good Sunday,” Nancy Pelosi told CNN’s Don Lemon during a mid-day interview. “They’re passed down from generation to generation, and only rarely to people outside of the family, and even then it’s at the discretion of the Justice. It was meant to be that way with the Presidency, too—Hillary won, you know. Hey, where did the wine in this bottle go? Who stole it?”

On air, Pelosi then produced a stack of documents, which she revealed to be the last will and testament of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“This line here is important! Lookit,” she said excitedly, jabbing at one of the papers with her finger. “It says, ‘I, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, do bequeath my seat on the Supreme Court to my granddaughter, Clara.’ Cut and dry!”

Legal scholars have pointed out that there is also physical evidence of the Notorious RBG handing over her collar to her grandkid, and coupled with her dying wish and will, the seat indubitably belongs to the Democrats.

It’s important that Republicans (Nazis) not overlook such vital traditions and legalities. They are what keep us united as a nation, and as many have pointed out, are the line between justice and progressives having to literally burn and bomb everything to the ground to prevent fascism.

Ginsburg’s will also stipulates that a 500-ft tall statue of her should be built in the National Mall. Smaller, 15-foot statues with open arms are to be erected outside of all Planned Parenthood locations. Furthermore, if a conservative is picked, Democrats are to expand the court to no less than 967 justices, all of whom must provide proof that they are registered Democrats. (Females must also prove that they have had at least two abortions.)

Der Führer Trump has announced that he is going to nominate Diamond and Silk to replace Ruth Bader and Gins Burg.

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