MSNBC: Trump-Taliban Peace Deal Will Cost Troops Jobs

MSNBC: Trump-Taliban Peace Deal Will Cost Troops Jobs

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Doha, Qatar—While the Trump administration tries to spin the peace deal with the Taliban as a good thing, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has pointed out that it’s another sign that Trump just doesn’t support the troops.

“In the worst economy we’ve ever seen, Trump decides to end over 18 years of solid employment for our troops—what an idiot. How DARE this man end the all-expenses-paid vacations that we were giving our troops?” Maddow commented on her show. “Listen, the Taliban wants this peace, which is proof that Trump’s caving in—”art of the deal” my ***! Just give them what they want, Donnie! Real brave of you.”

Maddow lambasted Trump for working with the terrorists to end American jobs, noting that some of these jobs in beautiful, central Asia have been held by fathers, and then sons, almost like a family business.

With some sympathy for the war-torn region, she tearfully signed off, noting that Afghanistan is a beacon of liberty and progressivism, and has almost no incidents of Islamophobia, which we Americans can learn from.

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