OnlyScams: Accretion of Knowledge

OnlyScams: Accretion of Knowledge

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An old coworker once told me that he was spending a good deal of money on a website where he could subscribe to a certain girl and watch her perform sexual acts and apparently also work on cars while naked. It was easy for me to list off the reasons I didn’t think this was healthy, moral, or financially prudent (and sure enough, his marriage fell apart).

I think that more important than that foolishness is the lack of wisdom in females signing on to such sites to try and make it rich. Setting aside bell curves and morality, there’s a more fundamental problem: people do well when they build on things. America has a problem now with hookup culture, abortion, and a lack of commitment, which are seen problems…but an unseen problem in disregarding the nuclear family is the failure to build generational wealth. This leads to fewer social safety nets, fewer people actually invested in you, and long-term societal decline.

The unseen issue with becoming an online sex performer is worth considering. Humans learn best when they are younger, which is the sexual prime. Especially with women, the decline out of sexual prime tends to be abrupt and observable. Worse, people do well when they build on things, and these years should be when we are building on our knowledge, acquiring wisdom, so that when we become old, we are on a firm foundation and are looked to as valuable resources. By that time, we should have learned much, and should be able to mentor others.

Online sex work does the exact opposite for females. It’s a field where as they grow older, they become less and less valuable, and their foundation is quicksand. A limited few may become financially well off, but that’s a drop of rain in an ocean of saltwater, and even then, the emotional burden downstream will remain grievous.

A wise man will hear and increase in learning,

And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel.

— Proverbs 1:15

That is the natural order of things, and men should not contribute to the long-term destruction of society and women.

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