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We all know that whiteness is a social relation based on property. When white people defend property, they are defending whiteness. The violence of capitalism is the violence of whiteness. And we all know that white property is simply plunder. And that white people make black people into property.

It’s a given, in fact, that the NFL is run by team owners who “own” stables of mostly black men used for gladiatorial exhibitions. Players risk life-changing injuries. And they are bought and sold, “drafted” and traded. The NFL is fundamentally exploitative, of black men in particular. If you’re not burning down stadiums, you’re a racist. Sorry, racist, but HARD PASS. Now bring some money up here. It’s not a grift, it’s justice.

I can only cite Dr. William Horne of George Washington University:

“Protestors are doing important work identifying the connection between historical oppression & racial capitalism. “White property” is plunder. I hope you’re all taking notes.”

If you are white, or yes, even Asian, and are not burning your own house or business down, you are complicit in racism. If you’re asking a minority to explain racism to you, you’re embracing racism. If you’re apologizing for racism, you’re expressing your racism.

So do the right thing. Embrace the destruction. Problematize the supremacy of Target and Ross, just like you learned in college studies. You are the problem, and it’s time for you to go. #Solidarity. Lastly, put down the BIPOC who are acting white. They’re traitors.

And don’t forget,

Wishing you a brightly burning future, and remember: if you don’t destroy your own place, I’ll help. I’m only a few more days of protesting from a very comfy retirement.

-Your Critical Social Theory Scholar

PS-Can you tell which paragraph above wasn’t taken from a politician or academic? And WHATEVER YOU DO, please stop looking behind the curtain. This man, for example, must be ignored:

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