Review: Mill Iron Ranch, Jackson, Wyoming

Review: Mill Iron Ranch, Jackson, Wyoming

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The night before we went to the Mill Iron Ranch, we spent just under $300 eating for Valentine’s at The White Buffalo Club. The steak was fine, the side dishes underwhelming (and one was just bad), and the prices exorbitant, but at least we got to hang out in a dark basement for an hour. At least the food looked pretty.

The day after our V-day dinner, I took my wife, Yurena, and our child, Yue Little, to the Mill Iron Ranch, to go for dinner and a sleigh ride. Through work, I had talked with one of the owners, Chancy Wheeldon, and wondered if he’d be around.

From town, it was about an 11-minute drive south, a few minutes of which were spent going up a very icy canyon road, though we didn’t have any issues in my Jeep, and, as it turns out, neither did anyone else. Below is a picture of he location of the ranch.

We pulled up into the parking lot at 3:30, which was recommended by the staff so that we could prepare for the sleigh ride. From the parking lot, it was a short walk into the nice, warm, wooden lodge, which has a stage for live music, TVs, and lots of taxidermy, some of which had colorful accoutrements.

The staff (all family, so no having to deal with HR for them) were incredibly affable and funny. Shortly our orders for dinner were taken–that is, how we’d like our steak done–and drinks distributed. There’s a bar, too, for you to order from. Within about 20 minutes we were all going out to the horses and getting in the sleigh. Coby, who is also a licensed guide, was our sleigh driver and a real blast. I’ll say that he also appealed to my political sensibilities.

The sleigh ride was beautiful and took us to see a giant herd of elk that otherwise the public never gets to see, as it’s a hidden overwinter reserve. We even got to see a couple of bald eagles fighting and scaring the elk! Why? Because wolves had killed a cow elk the night before and left the carcass. How cool is that? Anyway, even I learned some stuff that I didn’t know.

As we started heading back toward our warm dinner, Coby let Yue Little drive the sleigh. What a blessing! She was about the happiest I’ve ever seen, and was in safe hands.

We returned for dinner and grabbed salad, chips, and salsa, and then our steaks. The steaks were simply the best I’ve ever had in Jackson, and also by FAR the largest. None of us managed to finish, which meant that I had delicious leftovers for the next day. Because it was near Valentines, we got chocolate-dipped strawberries along with our dessert ice cream (I went with the huckleberry ice cream sandwich). As if that wasn’t enough, they asked us if we wanted more, and Yue Little SCREAMED, “Yes!” She also re-iterated that it was “the best day EVER!” I’ve never seen the kid happier. As a result, we were given a box of them as a parting-present.

Before we left, we all got pictures with Chancy. We’d talked a lot throughout the evening and he’s just as kind and down-to-earth as can be.

My rating?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5/5 Stars. We’ll be back in the summer for the trail rides, which I’ve heard great things about. After all, “best day EVER!”

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