Idiots in Hateful Sky-Daddy Cult Once Again Giving Free Disaster Relief to Poor People

Idiots in Hateful Sky-Daddy Cult Once Again Giving Free Disaster Relief to Poor People

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Tegucigalpa, Honduras—Another earthquake in Central America has once again flooded the place with mindless religious zombies. Not content to spread their hateful ideology in the Bible Belt, they’ve created an entire organization capable of driving tendrils of their intolerant cancer all across the world.

Flocking to the humid clime as part of what they call “Samaritan’s Purse,” the white–well, plenty are POC, but doing the bidding of whites–supremacists began providing free medical care, rescuing locals, and cleaning up the place, with a nasty goal of “rebuilding,” obviously code for some sort of Christian nonsense.

“I am blessed with a mind and hands which allow me to be a successful surgeon,” said Dr. Liam Jones, a radicalized, white-nationalist, neo-colonialist , fascist, cishet surgeon-bigot, whose Rothschildian privilege was unacknowledged yet palpable and oppressive. “And as God has blessed me freely, I want to bless others freely, too, so that’s why I joined Samaritan’s Purse and provide surgery to the needy.” That anyone would trust someone dumb enough to believe in a Sky Daddy to perform a medical operation on them is perhaps stupider than religion itself. (We would like to acknowledge that the ground the interview was conducted on is the ancestral land of the Maya Ch’ortí tribe.)

The cultists almost can’t seem to be stopped, so many are rightly suggesting that we tax the churches, because perhaps if we tax them twice, they won’t be able to spread their nasty prayers everywhere. There are even rumors that they’ll soon be sending a Disaster Assessment Response Team (DART) to the Ukraine to see how they can begin to “help,” as if their interfering presence is needed or wanted. This, of course, we hope that these delusional intolerants get away with, so that perhaps a few well-place bombs can rid us of a few of their ilk.

Since we can’t stop these hatemongers instantly, we encourage you in the meantime to give as much as you are able to the Black Transgender Abortion Fund.

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