Site Update: Gear Reviews and Ski Reviews

Site Update: Gear Reviews and Ski Reviews

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If you read my trip reports or other posts, you’ll notice that I sometimes go on at length about my feelings on certain products, sometimes negative and sometimes positive. My wife has told me that I am rather opinionated, and that probably comes with my line of work (air traffic control), or perhaps my line of work suits me as I’m so critical. Who knows.

Regardless, the esposa thinks I should be doing gear reviews, and so I shall. I can still afford the site on my own right now, and I have no plans to introduce ads or to make money off of affiliate links. That was never what this site was about, and as long as I’m able to foot the bills for it, that’s how it will stay.

Starting today, I’m going to be investing time into reviewing products (like those pictured below, and no, the helmet isn’t made by KÜHL, but I like the logo and was raised in the mountains of Montana without telephone/electricity) which have significantly impacted my enjoyment of the outdoors. If you have any ideas about items that might improve my life, please feel free to let me know.

While I’m at it, I’ll also be reviewing ski resorts and ski gear. While I’m a resident of Jackson Hole and have season passes for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Snow King (night skiing, y’all), I also like to get around to the smaller, local ski resorts to see if they’re any fun, and many are just a blast. I guess I should mention that, up-front, I prefer Targhee to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, but the commute to the resort from the Hole is rotten. My ski reviews will come from an intermediate perspective. My 7 year-old and I can tackle the black diamonds in the Tetons, and so can my wife, especially when she’s on her board, but we are by no means experts. I feel as if there must be plenty of intermediates who don’t want to know how Gutripper Gully and Eviscerater Chute make Traumatic Brain Injury Resort the one that you MUST visit. We’ll see!

My wife at our home resort. Now you know why we’re poor. Destitute, even. Keeping this site running is going to seriously cut into our ramen and hot dog budget.

Share your comments, critiques, or criticisms here. [Please note that I alter most the hate comments to make them funnier for the other readers.]