Temporary Ads

Temporary Ads

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My wife is pregnant and our income was recently slashed to the tune of around 150K/year, while our rent is now up to $30K/year. The price for hosting has also gone up on me by 30%. Until I find a new hosting provider or get a side job, I am going to run ads during the heavy-use season when people other than my family and friends are using bandwidth.

It is not my aim to make profit off of this, but hopefully it will ease the financial burden a tiny bit. If I find the ads too annoying I’m going to just find another way to make money, most likely by selling the spare kidney that God gave me, or offering my likeness on full-size cardboard cutouts to various shooting ranges.

I hate ads.

That’s all. Sorry.

4 thoughts on “Temporary Ads

  1. Sorry to hear about your hardships. I’ll be praying for you and your family, and I’ll probably even click on some ads.

    1. Dan, thank you. We think we have figured out a new income possibility or two that will help us a bunch. Will know more by September regarding that. For now the ads are currently able to cover some of the hosting expenses.

      Your prayers are coveted, though. And recently we have been quite blessed, so it would seem they are working!

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