Americans on Capitalism: Stupid Golden Age Makes Everything Look Too Yellow!

Americans on Capitalism: Stupid Golden Age Makes Everything Look Too Yellow!

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I for one stand with Bernie Sanders: capitalism needs to buy the farm, or better yet, let’s seize it from the landowner by force.

Sure, the world today is better than it ever has been before, with fewer people than ever in poverty, but I’m convinced that’s an accident. The system doesn’t need to be fine-tuned or curbed, it needs to be burned to the ground.

Sanders is right, there’s a disparity that has grown between the poor and the rich over the last 4 decades, and that can’t stand! As the richest people increased their wealth by 200%, sure, it’s a lie to say that the poor have gotten poorer, since they’ve somehow gotten 32% richer, but that doesn’t make it morally a fib, because rich people are evil. How do I know that?

Well I’m 100% certain, because there’s a disparity between the poor and the rich—some people have more money than others! There’s no way some fat lard donkey should have his derriere, well-marbled and ready for market, plopped in first class while I’m back in steerage with the Great Unwashed. What could be more evil than that?

People complain about Cuba, the USSR, and Venezuela, but I don’t see what the big deal is with them. Heck, since 2016, Venezuela’s made everyone 53,798,500% richer. They’re all millionaires there. I want that sort of great equality.

Yep, you can’t convince me that this golden age is good. Everything looks way too yellow.

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