CNN: Bernie Sanders Endorsed by Neo-Nazi Joe Rogan

CNN: Bernie Sanders Endorsed by Neo-Nazi Joe Rogan

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CNN has reported that Bernie Sanders, formerly a right-of-center liberal, has recently been endorsed by popular podcaster Joe Rogan. Rogan has a history of making transphobic, fatphobic, wokephobic, homophobic, and panphobic statements.

And he is a literal Nazi, which people first noticed when they saw his white skin.

The Sanders campaign confirmed their wholsesale subscription to Neo-Nazism by running an ad featuring Herr Rogan saying the most indefensible things. In broken German, Rogan mentioned that he’d probably vote for Führer Sanders. Sanders has “always held the same ideals of genocide, which maybe you don’t agree with, but you’ve gotta admit is principled,” the internet celebrity reasoned. This wasn’t acceptable, because genocide is only good when it’s a pure genocide, championed by people like Ilhan Omar.

Reaction to the event has been more muted than CNN would like, with some people on the alt-right claiming that a Jewish Nazi might just make Nazism great again, and many on the left lamenting the fact that Hillary Clinton isn’t running again. (Though she tends to spend much more time fainting than running.)

Rogan previously hosted Tulsi Gabbard on his podcast, commenting that he liked the known Russian asset, as she seems “real sincere about defeating America.”

Host Anderson Cooper is set to deliver a fiery address tomorrow night, where he’ll point out to the 327 million morons in America—over 15 of whom watch his show—that Bernie’s gone off the rails and must be deplatformed. He plans on explaining why gulags are morally virtuous, while concentration camps are too much of a gray area for Democrats to be meddling in. He’s also expected to explain why heterosexuality is a vicious hoax.

Elizabeth Warren is expected to interview with MSNBC during the same timeslot, explaining that her longtime friend Bernie has always been consistent. She has been tweeting strong evidence of the candidate’s principled stand on many matters.

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