Entirety of China Killed by Virus for Second Time Since SARS

Entirety of China Killed by Virus for Second Time Since SARS

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China—The entire populace of China has been killed off due to the recent spread of a novel coronavirus that sprang up in December November who knows when, because China had people removed if they talked about it.

This marks the second time in two decades that all of China has been eliminated from a virus, with the SARS outbreak wiping the Asian subcontinent of all human life back in 2002, as well. Bird flu had previously killed every person in China in 1997, while swine flu killed every man, woman, and child (and even some transgenders) in 2009.

China keeps a reserve populace in western Europe, which it activates when the country has to be rebuilt. The reserve populace is being deployed in waves, with the first 100,000,000 personnel being brought in at the end of the week. Another reserve populace is being assembled in anticipation of the giant panda flu, which the country plans to unleash in 2024 to help with branding.

President Donald Trump says that he plans on imposing high tariffs on the import of the coronavirus, stating that there’s no reason Americans shouldn’t be making the deadly pathogen at home.

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