My Friends Are Like Southwest Airlines

My Friends Are Like Southwest Airlines

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“Southwest Airlines is successful because the company understands it’s a customer service company. It also happens to be an airline.”

—Harvey Mackay

My best friends are excellent people who just happen to be my friends. I tried to think of where my life would be without people like Luke Wilson, LeaAnne, Yue, Larry Miller, Kristi, Jeff H., Dale, and others. They’ve imparted so much joy and wisdom into my life that I’ve been able to get through tough times—not just with happy emotions, but through learning to do things better.

Iron sharpens iron,

So one man sharpens another.

—Proverbs 27

A benefit to being friends with the upright is that they’ll tend to help you become a better person, too. 

With love, always,



PS—There is some sort of joke in there about Rapid Rewards.

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