When It’s Your Time to Get Coronavirus

When It’s Your Time to Get Coronavirus

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The Philippines have had universal mask wear AND a strict lockdown, yet cases are surging and now exceed 6k a day. This is much worse than it looks because they barely test at all. It’s 0.27/1000 pop/day. Per capita per test, it’s over 3X the US.

Let’s run through the (rough) math: 6277 cases/day. testing is 0.27 vs 2.3 in the US, so multiply by 8.51. The population is 107mm vs 328 US, so multiply by 3.06. That would be 163,456 cases a day in the US, roughly twice the US all-time peak and 3X current level. Oops.

Even if we are WAY off on some factor here, this surge (right when Hope Simpson predicted it as corona season lags flu by 6-8 weeks) looks bigger than the US ever was. Masks did not work. Lockdown did not work. Again. When it’s your season, you get COVID.

You know who else is worse that the US on cases? Mask-happy Japan who have been locked down harder than the US for the last 2 months.

Rough math: .12 testing, 126mm population. 19.17 X 2.6 X 1271 = 63,349 US equivalent cases/day and rising. US is currently 54k and dropping.

It’s happening all over the world. Pretending that any of these non-pharma interventions work has been as devastating to societies as it’s been totally ineffective. We’re paying readers of fish entrails to run the world into a ditch.

Note: the Hope-Simpson viral seasonality timetable has been running like a well-managed train system once you know what to look for; these disease spikes are no more surprising than the 3:10 to Paddington. Lockdowns, masks, travel bans; all do nothing when it’s your season, you get COVID. More receipts available upon request for the HS timetable and for mask data.)

There is a REASON all this stuff is literally contraindicated in all the longstanding pandemic guidelines: it’s ineffective and staggeringly damaging. (See my post here: Bizarre Fibs and WHO Told Them.)

Everyone is so desperate to “buy safety” that they’re selling the ranch to buy literal poison from every crackpot charlatan in town. None of this is science. It’s not reason. It’s desperation and the awful peddlers of pablum that prey on it.

Thanks to the bad cat.

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