Workin’ with Barry in the ‘Stan

Workin’ with Barry in the ‘Stan

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I’ve been working with a man over here who is perhaps the most positive, thoughtful, kind guy I’ve ever met. In my head, I call him “Good Barry!”

He’s already retired early with a big paycheck, but works here to make some extra money, and he is very focused on giving back what he’s earned. Furthermore, his wife is from Kyrgyzstan, where he has now relocated. He loves not only discussing how much God has helped him, but trying to help others in the same way—wholly and gladly.

What’s amazing is just how much his attitude alone influences people. People are curious about him due to his extreme kindness. I think, perhaps, though, it’s really the fact that he gives out so much of his time which makes the difference. He’s always there to help, and he is happy to do it. People notice when it’s more than just words. They notice when someone is giving something that they can never earn back—time.

I think that I’ve trained myself to see my time as a type of wealth to horde, except worse, because I can make back lost money, but not lost seconds. Coupled with a great attitude, though, giving of your time truly changes the lives of others. Christianity is summed up in this:

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. —Galatians 6:2

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