CNN: Racism Has Killed Coronavirus

CNN: Racism Has Killed Coronavirus

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Racism has killed coronavirus. Not content to target minorities struggling to make a go of things, it’s now targeted and in fact entirely killed off the novel coronavirus.

“Never in our lifetimes have we witnessed a genocide due to racism,” remarked Anderson Cooper. “Well, until now. Yes, folks, racism has killed off the entirety of the novel coronavirus. It had just arrived in America, a poor immigrant struggling to get a foothold, and already racism has stamped it out. Not a single coronavirus is even left.”

Cooper explained that this was, in a very sad way, something of a good event, as it allows Americans to protest against racists without having to social distance. Social distancing can be hard to do inside Walmarts, Targets, Best Buys, pharmacies, and whatever else has windows that can be smashed in.

The AP reminds people not to use the term “looting,” which is a racist dogwhistle.

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