Educating Bigots: Why Do Regressives Still Call a Female’s Fronthole a Vagina?

Educating Bigots: Why Do Regressives Still Call a Female’s Fronthole a Vagina?

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The world is filled with radicalized, white-nationalist, neo-colonlialist , Zionist, fascist, cishet bigots of palpable Rothschildian privilege. That’s true. But we’re in a new decade, so let’s have a chat. Let’s advance the conversation. Let’s move forward.

As we get the new decade rolling, it’s time to reflect on both the good and the bad from the past decade, as well as the first little bit of the new, which so far has consisted of nuclear holocaust against austere, religious people of peace (bad), and climate change destroying 100% of the lifeforms in Australia (bad, but also good, as humans are a worse bad).

On the positive side of things, in the beginning of the decade, Obama won a second term, ended the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and shut down Gitmo, just as he’d promised. He had unswerving integrity, though he admittedly has since become a Republican.

But we also had some really negative news: our most advanced AI, Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton, lost the 2016 election to arguably the least-advanced intelligence known to chimpkind, Donald Trump.

Luckily, Trump has done most of the same things that Obama did, but unfortunately our new field of presidential candidates are far too moderate, straddling the fence between Che Guevara and Fidel Castro like utter cowards. Total DINOs. Loathesome scum. But that comes with being white.

Returning to some positive aspects of the recent past, we’ve achieved some great things in LGBTQI2S+. We got the “A” for “ally” dropped, since they suffer naught, and we even almost got JK Rowling deplatformed. Billionaires are like cockroaches, though, so she was able to withstand the Twitter onslaught, and even her Tweet still stands as a monument of oppression, not unlike Stone Mountain.

Still, while have successfully won the word gender, which roughly means, “I’m more special than you’d think just looking at me,” we don’t yet control the word sex. There are unlimited genders, and as we all know, unlimited biologic/genetic sexes—but the regressives don’t understand the last part, at least not yet. Having the brains of fleas, it’s easy to understand their confusion. And like fleas, they’re best when stomped to death beneath the boot of social justice.

What did you just call me? What did you just call my fun bits?

And that brings us to some problematic areas that we simply haven’t worked hard enough on—words. Or should we call them darts? Because they sure hurt when flung out of the hateful mouths of transphobes, TERFS, and of course any conservative Nazis…and yes, that was redundant.

2020 has seen people, even among progressives, still using terms of oppression, committing literal violence against the marginalized. You’ve heard one of the worst still being bandied about, no doubt:


We have to combat this, family. We cannot allow the systemic oppression to continue. So we turn to the Human Rights Campaign, who correctly stipulate that vagina as it is currently, hatefully used, should henceforth be replaced by:


📣 —————> 👏 GET. 👏 IT. 👏 RIGHT. 👏 <————— 📣

Yes, vagina can be used, but it’s to be used for people who have had surgery to make it. It doesn’t exist in nature. You can’t just find a vagina out in the wild. That’s literal, imprisonable insanity. If you haven’t had surgery to make your vagina, it’s just a front hole, and any other term is hate speech, and literal violence.

And remember, a front hole is made to fit your transfeminine lover’s strapless, unless she is a he (or non-binary/two spirits/other), in which cause the front hole is made to accept a [redacted, rhymes with slick—ed].

The 2020s will feature infinite genders and infinite sexes for infinite minds, except, of course, for the cis folks. And that’s why we’re replacing LGBTQI2S+ with the much easier ∞-cis.

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