Planned Parenthood: What If We Can Modify COVID-19 to Kill Only Babies?

Planned Parenthood: What If We Can Modify COVID-19 to Kill Only Babies?

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Planned Parenthood has been lobbying the United States government to “consider medicalizing” COVID-19, the deadly virus sweeping the globe.

While it’s a known scourge, Alexis McGill Johnson, the CEO of Planned Parenthood, said that it’s possible that the disease might be weaponized developed to target innocent babies invasive fetal growths.

“We tend to think of this novel coronavirus as being a pretty bad thing. I mean, it’s been around for about half a year and killed 7,893 people. But look, we can ki—remove 3,000 Amer—fetal discrepancies TODAY, and a MILLION this year. If we can just change this thing from a deadly virus into a helpful piece of healthcare, man, that’ll really help with making lives better. Well, some of them,” McGill Johnson said with a chuckle.

At its current lethality level, Ms. McGill Johnson described the virus as “laughably JV.” She also said that she’s a Christian, and her favorite part of the Bible is “that bit about Moloch.”

“It’s already the Boomer Doomer that we’ve been looking for. We just need to refine it a bit to get rid of the other end of the age-spectrum, too. They’re not human yet, really, you know, because they don’t exhibit free will or consciousness, just like a sleeping person doesn’t. Very off-able…hmm, Baby Blaster? Kiddo Killer? Infant Annihilator? No…not catchy enough…hmmm,” she muttered to herself.

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