Thinking About Changing Genders? COVID-19 Kills More Men, So Now’s the Time!

Thinking About Changing Genders? COVID-19 Kills More Men, So Now’s the Time!

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Is COVID-19 the Unlikely Cure for Toxic Masculinity?

With the science now settled, we’re seeing that the deadly new coronavirus, named COVID-19, disproportionately affects “men, mostly just by killing them. Worse than just being deadly, the virus foists upon us the unscientific superstition that gender and sex are binary, doing so perniciously by killing more “males” than “females.”  

As a society, we can’t afford to let a virus separate us—especially by something as stupid as a chromosome, which is literally invisible, and like biologic sex, is very messy and hard to determine if it’s even a real thing. With this in mind, millions of noble-minded guys are transitioning to female, non-binary, or gender-fluid status, combating coronavirus and reducing morality rates. 

If you’re a man and haven’t abandoned being a dude, we encourage you to do so immediately—your health depends on it! It’s as simple as saying, “Go away COVID! I don’t identify as a man, you bigoted virus!”

NOTE: While COVID-19 kills more men than women, sure, this is actually worse for women than it is for men. See the Bloomberg article, “Coronavirus Will Make Gender Inequality Worse.” Coronavirus might hit men harder, but it hits women hardest of all, through insidious inequality.

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