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Trump stimulus check willy wonka golden ticket

Looking to get a Golden Ticket from president Trump in your stimulus check, or wondering why anyone would say such a strange thing? Well that idea used to be here, but the headline was accepted for publication on a satire site, so I’ve removed it! For more information, check this out. If you’d like to see other, goofy things I’ve thought of, you can find them here. Some of them are funny!

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!


I Wish It Need Not Have Happened in My Time, Yet I Spoke

Humans have an amazing ability to adapt to bad situations. Our minds can take terrible circumstances and slowly normalize them, leading us to cope and even find happiness when things are rough. But there is a flipside: this same ability allows us to become desensitized to evil. Vile acts simply become a new normal over time.
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A Sufficiency of Friends

Look at that picture. It’s funny, and for me, it’s almost entirely true. I like having maybe one close friend/girlfriend and then one other friend besides that. It makes my life simple. As a rule, I am an introvert and not that adept at understanding my own feelings and navigating relationships…
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Ginsburg’s Will Reveals She Bequeathed Seat to Granddaughter

“These are lifetime appoints and even heirlooms, good morning, good Sunday,” Nancy Pelosi told CNN’s Don Lemon during a mid-day interview. “They’re passed down from generation to generation, and only rarely to people outside of the family, and even then it’s at the discretion of the Justice. It was meant to be that way with the Presidency, too—Hillary won, you know. Hey, where did the wine in this bottle go? Who stole it?”
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