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Trump stimulus check willy wonka golden ticket

Looking to get a Golden Ticket from president Trump in your stimulus check, or wondering why anyone would say such a strange thing? Well that idea used to be here, but the headline was accepted for publication on a satire site, so I’ve removed it! For more information, check this out. If you’d like to see other, goofy things I’ve thought of, you can find them here. Some of them are funny!

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!

Raising a Daughter in a Bizarre World

Thanks to the events of the recent past, many people have been putting a huge emphasis on avoiding people who seem ill. They want to avoid contagion, so unless they’re healthcare workers, they don’t spend all day around sick people.
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Partial Transcript of Dr. Robert Malone with Jimmy Dore on Mass mRNA Vaccination

My friend [redacted] told me that things might be better if we societally-engineered everyone into getting vaccinated with our current vaccines. I told him that I owed him a longer response, but I didn’t have much time back then. I will submit this (hand-done, by me) transcription of a sliver of a speech for his consideration; I chose this because it was aimed at laypeople. Whether or not he finds it persuasive is beside the point; I owed him the explanation of why I held such opinions.
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