Trump Says He Should Get “Underprecedented” Third Term

Trump Says He Should Get “Underprecedented” Third Term

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Washington, DC—President Trump says that he should get an “underprecedented third term,” which has caused cries of “FASCISM” and “TYRANNY” across the United States.

“If you look at the BEST President ever, it was FDR. How do we know? Because he had 4, very, very good Terms. So what is wrong with Me, being better than FDR, having 3? BE PREPARED, AMERICA,” Trump tweeted on Monday.

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Trump’s next tweet pointed out that FDR was great, except maybe not so much after all, as he created a welfare state, had a terrible last name, and “couldn’t even walk good or Golf, but at least He got 4 terms”

In a firestorm of tweets after bashing FDR, President Trump attacked every single former American president, with the exception of Obama, who he posted was “the leader of the Loser brigade, not Pres!”

“George Washington? HORRIBLE TEETH. Teddy Roosevelt? Just Greta Thunberg with a Moustache. WOULDNTrow Wilson, just awful, very AWFUL. Hillary Clinton, not actually a President, but worth mentioning anyway, vile animal.”

Trump has promised that he will use his third term to walk among the ashes of California. His second term, which starts in 2021, will “probably be used to attend Ancient Joe’s funeral, he is old, very old, maybe the oldest, even ever.”

Correspondent A. Jones contributed to this report.

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