White Supremacy Violence So Effective That Whites Need Not Even Be Involved

White Supremacy Violence So Effective That Whites Need Not Even Be Involved

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New research has shown that white supremacy violence is so effective that it occurs even when white people aren’t involved. The terrifying discovery about the pernicious scourge of the violence of white supremacy was made by Dr. James Fotheringham and Dr. Lisa Galbraith of Harvard.

Their data shows that the violence of white supremacy can occur even when the nearest white person is some 80 miles away.

“We took a man from MS-13 and deposited him in the remote mountains of Montana with another guy from Tijuana Cartel and only left them each with a sidearm. No kidding, they killed each other right then and there! And both were LatinX! The reach of white supremacy is truly grotesque,” remarked Dr. Galbraith.

The researchers also showed examples of other white-supremacy-rooted violence, such as a black man robbing a 7-11, a clear expression of white rage, and an Italian man from New York getting into a dust-up with his own grandmother, which is a function of white familial hysteria. Examples of white-on-white violence (scientifically called white hyper-rage) were stripped from the final paper for being too grotesque to read about.

“As you can see, white supremacy even tears families apart.”

Drs. Galbraith and Fotheringham will soon begin studying whether or not white supremacy is what causes interracial dog fights.

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