WHO: COVID-19 Leading to Startling Rise in Number of Epidemiologists

WHO: COVID-19 Leading to Startling Rise in Number of Epidemiologists

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Geneva, Switzerland—The World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that Coronavirus Disease 2019, known as COVID-19 or simply coronavirus, has disturbing new symptoms. In a press briefing, chief medical officer Andrew Kurtz offered some disturbing remarks.

“We’ve never seen a virus spread so fast and with such results. Worldwide, pre-outbreak we had very few epidemiologists “in the wild” so to speak. A very low number. COVID-19 has changed all that. 

We are seeing a startling rise in the number of infectious-disease specialists; they’re popping up everywhere. Your friends, your family, people who you thought weren’t at risk…one of them will probably specialize in diseases by the end of this briefing.

This is important because we are seeing a large number of new cases per day, but this disease is not linear. It is not “at 100 cases per day it will be 2000 by Sunday.” No, at 100 new cases today it will be 10,000 by Sunday, and everybody by the end of the month. It is progressing exponentially.”

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Dr. Kurtz warned that what is a “little problem” now could be at levels we can’t imagine in just 45 days. If left unchecked, the WHO believes that every person on the earth may be an infectious disease specialist by the end April.  There may soon be no one left on earth who does not have an expert, PhD-level opinion.

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